About us

The University of Nottingham’s Student TV Station

NSTV is the universities student-run TV station. We produce, edit and distribute (via social media) all of the content that we and our members create! Check out our social media pages to keep updated with all things NSTV!

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Our Team

This is our team that help run and organise all things in NSTV. If you need any help or guidance then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us!

Joe Banks

Station Manager & Technical Director

Hi! I’m Joe. As Station Manager, I’ll be overseeing the overall creative output for NSTV for the year, as well as performing station administration and leading our NSTV Committee.

Myles Williams

Director of Production & Head of Live

I’m Myles. As Director of Production, I’ll have overall direction of the production of NSTV shows, as well as leading training and maintenance of NSTV equipment

Candy Houslin

Creative Director

Hey I’m Candy! As Creative Director I’ll be managing the creative vision for NSTV, ensuring that all our sub-channels remain active and are producing content in line with the NSTV goals.

Rachael Proud
Head of Welfare

Hey! I’m Rachael! I’m the Head of Welfare for NSTV, ensuring the wellbeing and welfare of all members participating in NSTV and ensuring NSTV maintains a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Josh Brown

Treasurer & Head of News

Hey! I’m Josh. As NSTV’s treasurer I will be overseeing our budget for the year and making new investments to better the stations content output. I’ll also be our Head of News ensuring NSTV covers the latest in current affairs.

Hanna Ifri

Head of Sport

Hey! I’m Hanna and I’m the Head of Sport. I’ll be collaborating with various sports organisations within and external to the University to bring a diverse range of sport content to NSTV.

Beth Benoit
Head of Marketing and Publicity

Hi! I’m Beth and I’m the Marketing & Publicity Officer. I’ll be responsible for NSTV’s social media output, including member communications as well as show and content promotion.

Being part of NSTV

What will you do?

You will be part of an award winning student TV station with many equipment and training sessions giving you knowledge and experience to make what you want! 

Training Sessions

Throughout the year, we run a range of training from basic to live streaming and editing training sessions.


Get hands on with cameras and out equipment to help make videos, live streams or other projects.


Edit using our editing systems and the latest version of the Adobe Suite.


Be the host on one of our many projects. Do interviews, talk shows, events or live broadcasts.

Societies, Sports and Students

If you are a society, sport, student or event coordinator at the University of Nottingham, and you are looking for to do a video project then we are here to help you!

We have lots of experience in filming a huge variety of events and videos. From sports, documentaries, live streams, awards events and much much more. Check out our Facebook page to see what we have done in the past.

Contact our station manager or a specific person below if you want to do a project with us!

Being part of NSTV


As an NSTV member you can take part in any of the projects that are available or even start your own project. For these projects you have full access to almost all of the equipment. Below is a small list of what we have:

Cameras, lights and audio

We have 4 broadcast cameras and 1 DSLR, as well as an assortment of high quality audio and lighting equipment to help you make your project.

Professional Live Kit

For live events we use a professional broadcast system. This isn’t available to be borrowed and all uses must go through the Head of Live.

Studio with Greenscreen

We have a fully equipped studio set for filming interviews, talk shows and much more. We also have a greenscreen set up in the studio.

Editing Suite

We have 3 editing brand new editing computers loaded with the full Adobe Creative Suite. 1 computer is in its own ‘editing and voice over’ suite.

Our TV Channels

These are the different channels that NSTV runs.