Nottingham Students’ Television (NSTV) is the university television station of the University of Nottingham, England, where it is part of the Students’ Union. NSTV is one of eight Student-Run-Services (SRS) under the Students Union. NSTV broadcasts Live on Facebook and YouTube as well as posting content on Instagram and its website.

NUTS 2008-2014

NSTV was founded in 2008 under the name NUTS (Nottingham University Television Station). Its original office was in the Students Union Portland Building.

The founder of NUTS was Anna Campbell and was its first Station Manager.

NUTS began on just its website, but as social media grew in the late 2000’s, NUTS began to post its videos on both Facebook and YouTube.

By 2010 NUTS had gained a significant audience at the university. NUTS was also gaining more awards at the NaSTAs and gaining a national reputation for quality content.

NUTS hosted the NaStAs in April 2012. Chris Leyland was the Host Officer for the NUTS NaSTAs, and more than 400 students, from 32 university TV stations across the UK attended the three-day conference. NUTS won Best Live Broadcast, Best Light Entertainment, and Best Technical Achievement.

In 2013 NUTS won Best Broadcaster at the NaSTAs 40th anniversary. Rosie Cave was the Station Manager at the time.

NUTS China

In 2009, under Station Manager Wenjie Lee, NUTS expanded its reach internationally to the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus with the launch of NUTS China.

NSTV 2014-Present

In 2014 under Rory O’Shea NUTS was rebranded as NSTV. The rebranding was considered a big success as it began to take NSTV in a new, more professional direction.

In 2015 the first full series collaboration with Trent TV took place.

In 2016 Sophia Hazari took over as Station Manager. He updated the NSTV logo, which was used up until 2020.

In 2017 Joe reorganised the Live Productions channel of NSTV. This was done with an investment from the Students Union to upgrade equipment. In 2018 Joe oversaw the opening of the brand new NSTV office and studio space inside the redevelopment of the Portland Building Media Zone. The new Media Zone hosts four Student Run Services, Impact Magazine, University Radio Nottingham, and Portland Music Library.

Joe McGeehan also led the NaSTAs 2019, which were held in Nottingham at the Kings Meadow Campus.

In 2019, Rebecca Oakes took over as Station Manager and brought NSTV “Back to Orange”, which had been the colour of NUTS from 2010-2014. Oakes saw NSTV’s most successful year at the 2020 NaSTAs, Winning Best Broadcast, the highest award at the NaSTAs, as well as five other awards.

In 2022, NSTV won the Gold NaSTA for News Coverage, and Silver for Ben Preston’s Dramatic performance in BNN. 

NUTS/NSTV Station Managers

2008-2009 Anna Campbell

2009-2010 Bossoro Ngo

2010-2011 Unknown

2011-2012 Michael Perry

2012-2013 Rosie Cave

2013-2014 Hugh Purvis

2014-2015 Rory O’Shea

2015-2016 Sophia Hazari

2016-2017 Lauren Day

2017-2018 Joe McGeehan

2018-2019 Katie Blakebrough

2019-2020 Rebecca Oakes

2020-2021 Marios Lambis

2021-2022 Finn McKenzie & Madeleine Collier

2022-2023 Finn McKenzie

2023-2024 Joe Banks